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Teri braved the elements to visit the bow. We weren't sure we were supposed to be up on the helipad (we've later learned this is no problem) but the high winds would have made it unpleasant anyway.

Of course, we spent some more time in the Viking Crown Lounge.

The seas were a little rough, this is water spilling over the edge of the kiddie pool.

Teri went to play final bingo and she won the final game! Teri's Bingo card is scrutinized. No problems can be found so she is the certified winner of the snowball jackpot! She won $1900!

Here is the lucky winner with her voucher. She got paid in cash at the Purser's Desk.

There was very strong winds and cold temperatures when we decided it was our last chance to play mini-golf. The winds were so strong the balls were being blown around. We were laughing hard. It was all fun and games until someone got hurt. Teri slipped and twisted her ankle and she limped back to the cabin and put it on ice.

Day 5: Seattle. We had to bid farewell to our new favorite ship. We waited in the Foodjammer until it was time to depart. We were in no hurry to leave because we were going to rent a car and drive back to Victoria for the weekend (which I don't recommend but that's another story...).

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