Chile 2001
New Year's 2002
Latha's Shower
Mel's 30! ACK!
Mel's 29 AGAIN!
Amee's Shower

I turned 29 -- again! :)

February 21, 2004 - Viva Espaņa! Birthday dinner this year was at La Tasca, the new Spanish restaurant in Arlington. (It's actually an English chain, and there's another one in downtown DC.) The food was excellent, but the service was very... Spanish. It could be because it was a very busy Saturday night... but it was fun anyway!

(click on the thumbnail to see the larger pic )

Group photo after dinner - we were soooo full!

Elizabeth and Brad, pretending to like each other :)

AMY! Wake UP!

This was NOT particularly comfortable, but at least we're having fun! (must have been all the sangria...)

At least they're not poking each other with fondue forks, like they were last year...

Basketball (watching), Racquetball (playing) and a birthday party (eating), what a long day!

Smith School alumnae reunited! Caryn fit right in, of course...

The caption for this photo was created before the picture was even taken... 


Ok, so when do we start planning for next year?!!?