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It was similar to the Kaiseki dinner made up of many different tiny morsels of food although it was served in a single course. The most challenging was the fish in the upper right. It seemed to be smoked and still attached to the bones. After a brief struggle to detach the meat from the bones it actually didn't taste half bad.

We actually had a tiny (but very deep) bath in our room, which we used for a quick soak in the morning before checking out.

A nice view of our tiny garden.

The fancy and modern Hotel Granvia Kyoto, part of the Kyoto Station. Owned by the Japan Railway, we got a 10% discount on our room with our Japan Rail Passes.

The main area of the Kyoto Station looking out from the hotel lobby. The turnstiles ("wickets" as they're known in Japan) are at the lower left.

Here is our room at the Hotel Granvia Kyoto.

Another shot of the room.

This is the fanciest toilet we had in Japan.

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