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Teri is determined to press on. She is pointing to our current location, we are going to try to go to the shrine two "blocks" up. She finds a taxi driver (who doesn't speak any English) and points to the location on a small map we are carrying with us.

We arrived, although I think the taxi driver thought we must be crazy. Doesn't it look just like it does on the map in the previous photo?

The entire place is deserted.

Teri walks up to the honden and says a prayer for the ancestors. We learned later that that rope up ahead rings a small bell, probably to "wake" the gods to hear your prayer. We were afraid it would wake some real monks who would scurry out and wonder what we were doing there.

Typical Uchita house near the train station.

Farm land.

Farm land.

It is really getting dark. This is the view from the train station.

Here's our train back to Wakayama.

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