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This is the Aztec-themed Solarium pool for adults. (The Solarium is themed differently on each Royal Caribbean ship.) There is a retractable glass roof (which was shut for our entire cruise).

Casino. We spent a lot of time here. Teri and Mike had some luck at Caribbean Stud Poker, not so much luck on the slots. Allyn even won a little at roulette!

This is the central 5-story atrium area called the Centrum. This is the heart of the ship with glass elevators, live music, and is an excellent meeting spot.

The main Aquarius dining room. Our table, #33, was on the balcony by the window.

We stood at the front top of the ship as it left the port of Los Angeles at 6pm. This is a tradition for Teri and Allyn, and now Mike.

The ship was beautiful at night. Pool Deck.

Viking Crown Lounge.

Centrum (atrium) at night with large inscrutable (yet still cool) hanging sculpture.

We had a drink before dinner at the quiet Viking Crown Lounge.

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