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There was a midnight buffet at the pool (started at 11:30!) but not that many people showed up because it was a bit cold by that time. Allyn went and had a steak which was barbecued right there on the pool deck. Teri and Mike pooped out and didn't make it!

Day 2: Ensenada

Our little shadow, the Carnival Ecstacy, was right behind us again.

We went into town to do a little shopping.

Teri talks to a street vendor.

The obligatory stop at Hussong's Cantina (Mike had never been).

Then we decided to get some food/drinks at this place down the street from Hussong's called Mango Mango. The decorations are still up from Halloween two days prior.

We sat outside.

Teri and Mike got cool-looking drinks, Allyn ordered what turned out to be a sissy-drink (it was pink) and therefore it is not shown to avoid additional embarassment.

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