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Day 1: Los Angeles. Monarch of the Seas. Originally built in 1991 as a sister ship to Sovereign of the Seas (the first "mega"-ship), Monarch was refurbished and remodeled slightly about two years ago when it was brought to the West coast. This photo was taken while docked in Ensenada.

Our cabin, #1044 on Deck 10. This cabin is category JS for Junior Suite, formerly known as Category C. This is the same size cabin (sans balcony) that we had during our honeymoon on Sovereign of the Seas.

Allyn shows off the balcony. There were three chairs and a cocktail table on the balcony.

This is the Windjammer (we call it Foodjammer) area on Decks 11 and 12. The Windjammer buffet restaurant is on the lower floor. On the upper floor is Sorrento's pizza.

Jade restaurant at the front of the ship. It was always quiet and serene here, with very tasteful decorating and colors. In addition to a buffet line with the same food as offered in the Windjammer, there was also a second buffet line with Asian and Indian entrees. They were very good.

Teri has some lunch in Jade.

"Foo" Seals (like Chinese Foo Dogs) in Jade.

This is the front of the ship on Deck 12 where we stood for sail aways.

The pool deck. Under the white canopies are two hot tubs. There is a second pool similar to the one in the foreground behind the hot tubs. Although the pool in the foreground is closed now, it was open for the rest of the cruise. The glassed-in area cantilevered from the smoke stack is the Viking Crown Lounge. This is one of the distinctive features of the three Sovereign-class ships.

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