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We're having before-dinner appetizers at Jade, the sushi bar. It was disappointing (and completely deserted). There is an additional charge for the sushi; we spent $14 including tip.

After the formal dinner, there was a midnight buffet with mexican food in the Windjammer. This is one of the ice sculptures.

Day 3: At Sea. This morning I got smart and just went upstairs to the Windjammer to grab us a continental breakfast rather than room service. The Windjammer was on the deck directly above us.

Later on the Pool Deck. Who can resist a drink that comes in a hollowed-out pineapple. Not us! So I spent a couple of hours (while Teri was getting a hot rock massage) lying on a deck chair drinking from my pineapple and people watching.

A heavy layer of fog rolled in around 6pm. It was eerie walking around on deck.

Another eerie fog shot.

Day 4: Los Angeles. We've left the ship but the fog is still with us. This is taken from a boardwalk-like area only a couple of hundred feet from the ship. But the fog is so thick the ship is barely visible. So the Monarch looks like a ghost ship.

Last photo. Bye Bye, Monarch of the Seas!

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