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Just off the Centrum atrium and near the shops on Deck 5 is Ben & Jerry's ice cream and Latté-tudes featuring Seattle's Best Coffee. Both charge for their offerings so we didn't try them.

Schooner Bar on Deck 5. The Schooner Bar is a standard feature on all Royal Caribbean ships.

Casino Royale on Deck 5.

Claude's Dining Room on Deck 4. There is another dining room called Vincent's right below this one on Deck 3.

We're near the pool. People are starting to gather for a sailaway party. There's a band playing live music, including "Hot Hot Hot", the unofficial cruise theme song. We hear this at least once on every Royal Caribbean cruise.

Looking toward the front of the ship, the band is on the upper deck and right below is a dance floor where people are dancing. The Pool Bar is conveniently located right next to the dance floor.

We're next to the band looking back toward the striking Viking Crown Lounge.

We're underway and leaving the Port of Los Angeles.

Looking down from the side of the ship, the Pilot boat and another little boat accompany us out of the harbor.

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