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Sculpture on the pool deck.

Rock climbing wall at the back of Deck 12.

This is the Sports Deck at the back of Deck 11. There was a sign that said the Sport Deck was reserved for the teenagers from 8pm - "wee hours".

Another shot of the Sports Deck looking back at the rock wall and Viking Crown Lounge.

Inside the Viking Crown Lounge.

The Sound of Music theater. This is the largest theater on the ship.

This is the 4-deck high main atrium, which Royal Caribbean calls Centrum. This is the hub of the ship. The dining rooms are here so people congregate here before dinner, the casino and Schooner Bar is here, the shops are here.

A scuplture in the Centrum. The sculpture is titled "Seeking Freedom".

A shot of the crowded Centrum from later in the cruise. There is a band playing at the bottom right and many people are dancing.

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