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It was delicious.

After lunch we were invited into the building next door for dessert, green tea ice cream, along with some sort of doughy balls in soy sauce flavored goo. The ice cream was good, the balls were not so good.

A nice portrait in the garden.

Teri was still tired so she opted to stay back at the hotel. But she had gone to Sensoji temple before Allyn had arrived and he was jealous. So Allyn set out for Sensoji temple.

A vendor sells all sorts of snack items.

The temple gate is beautiful at dusk.

These people are wafting the healing incense smoke all over their bodies.

Allyn had been wanting to try Sushi but found sushi bars fairly intimidating. Teri found a wonderful conveyor sushi restaurant in the Ginza district. The sushi was very good. Cheap too.

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