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As the sun was setting we wanted to get a good view of Tokyo. This is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (TMG). There are observation decks near the top of both towers.

Quite a view from these windows.

This is a distant view of Mt. Fuji.

This is a view of the city.

Another city view.

Back on the ground we took the subway over to the Takashimaya department store. This is a huge store with about 14 floors.

In the basement (of most department stores) is a "food floor" and we picked up some gyoza and other little fried snacks and ate them on a bench outside.

We walked back to Shinjuku station where there are many lights and neon signs outside.

Day 4: Nikko. We started our day on the subway as usual (this is the map of our favorite Marunouchi line). We are on the way to Nikko, which is about 1.5 hrs north of Tokyo.

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