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Allyn has arrived and is boarding the Narita Express train bound for Tokyo station. Allyn's luggage is lighter and with Teri's directions (phoned in the morning before he left) he has a pretty easy journey into the city and to the hotel. In fact, he finds a few better routes than Teri. "Improving on perfection", he calls it.

Teri shows Allyn the restaurant/bar district near the hotel. None of the Japanese food looks enticing. How about Pizza and Spaghetti for dinner?

Our room at the New Otani.

Allyn gets into the Japanese-spirit by wearing a yukata or Japanese robe.

Our fancy toilet, with "Toto Washlet".

It had a seat warmer, and built-in bidet and "spray", with adjustable water pressure.

We were very impressed to see a heated panel behind the mirror that kept the mirror from fogging up even after Allyn's long showers.

Day 3: Tokyo. This is the view from our room at the New Otani.

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