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We've ventured out and toward the subway now. This is looking back at our hotel room, we're in the right side of the white building on the left, about half-way up.

This is the underground tunnel that leads to the subway station about two blocks away. We walked through here every day.

These are the subway ticket machines. We bought individual tickets for every ride until we figured out we should buy the "stored value" ticket.

This is a closeup of the ticket machine. The non-obvious part is the phrase "Eidan Line" when what we want is a ticket for the "Marunouchi line". Eidan is the company that runs most of the subway lines in Tokyo.

This is a typical subway train. The conductors (responsible for opening and closing the train doors) always wear the ugly green jackets.

This is Shinjuku station, one of the largest subway/train stations in Tokyo. It is rumored to have 60 exits. We are here to get reserved seat train tickets for the rest of our stay.

Teri buys some coffee from a vending machine. There are vending machines everywhere. Teri loves this, as she doesn't have to carry bottled water with her wherever she goes. The vending machines have both hot and cold drinks. The drinks with a blue stripe under them are cold, red stripe means hot.

A tiny can of coffee. At least it only costs about $1.

We tried to find a restaurant that Teri read about in a guidebook but realized we didn't have a detailed map of the area in English. Only Japanese maps are available in the stations. So we decided to visit the "food floor" in the station (there is a huge mall connected to the station). This is plastic food in the window of the restaurant we chose.

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