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Teri eats an ice cream sandwich in front of Space Mountain. Space Mountain was closed because there was an accident about a month earlier (no injuries).

The castle looked beautiful in the late afternoon sunlight.

One of the attractions we had looked forward to was the Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour. This is a guided walk-through of the castle where, as is often the case in Disney shows, evil pops up temporarily to try to take over but in the end, good conquers evil. We narrowly escaped a dragon and met a being that looked an awful lot like the devil. Luckily, one of the children in our group was chosen to vanquish the devil and we escaped from the castle. Of course, the tour was all in Japanese but it was funny anyway and we really enjoyed it.

One of the coolest parts of the show is that it let us out on an upper floor of the castle. The view was very nice from up here. That's Allyn and our tour guide down in the lower right.

Small World was dressed for the holidays.

Inside Small World (boats board inside like at Disney World).

Everyone is amassing for the electrical parade.

The electrical parade is called Dream Lights. Many shows had "Dream" in the name, dreams must be big with the Japanese. After the parade, we were tired but waited for the fireworks. An announcement came over the loudspeaker system, "Due to inclement weather, the fireworks will not be presented this evening." Inclement weather? There wasn't a cloud in the sky nor any wind. Oh well, time to head for home, but not before a hot dog from Coke Corner!

Day 7: Tokyo DisneySea. We were up bright and even earlier today for our trip to DisneySea. This is a new theme park (open only about two years) where most of the rides are unique and loosely water-based. DisneySea is the park Disney originally wanted to build in Long Beach, California (more on that later). The park is far enough away from the train station that the information desk recommended taking the Disney Resort line monorail to get there. Allyn didn't need to be told twice! The monorail is considered transportation and requires a special ticket to ride (not free).

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