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Evening is coming to the American Waterfront.

This is the SS Columbia. It houses a restaurant and bar, but that's it. Mostly it just dominates the skyline and looks nice. Does it look like a replica of the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California? Is it a coincidence that Disney originally wanted to build a theme park in Long Beach near the Queen Mary? Hmm....

Aquatopia again.

Back in Mysterious Island, the drilling equipment is still heading for the center of the earth.

The most popular food item in the park is the Gyoza Sausage Bun from this cart in Mysterious Island. Sometimes the line is over an hour long (we didn't wait nearly that long). The Gyoza Sausage Bun looks like a gyoza but is really more like a large sausage-filled version of the white doughy chinese pork buns.

The Nautilus waits for Captain Nemo to return. He's probably having a bite to eat at the nearby restaurant.

The evening show is Disney Symphony, with Mickey conducting fireworks to music from a perch in the lake. While nice, we thought it was surprisingly brief.

The lights on the water are beautiful.

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