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Back in Port Discovery, just down the hill from Mysterious Island, we waited in line for Storm Chasers. This is a simulator ride similar to Star Tours but the idea is we're flying through a storm. The simulator vehicles are much larger than Star Tours and hold about 100 people each.

This is the outside of the Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull ride. The track layout and vehicles are the same as the ride in Anaheim but all of the theming is different.

Allyn wanted to try the Yucatan Sausage Rolls from a cart near Indiana Jones. Essentially a sausage in a french roll, these were so good, Allyn went back later and had another one.

This is the Arabian Coast.

The major attraction here is Sinbad's Seven Voyages.

Sinbad is a ride-thru boat attraction with animatronic figures similar to Small World. That's Sinbad in the lower left. We were very impressed with the number of animatronics and the degree of articulation (movement) of the figures. I think knowing the story of Sinbad's Seven Voyages would have helped (we aren't familiar with it).

Mermaid Lagoon is an indoor children's play zone. King Triton guards the entrance.

The entire play zone is themed as if it were under water. It looked like the kids were having a lot of fun. There's a mermaid show but we didn't have the time to see it. We regret missing it.

The afternoon show is the Porto Paradiso Water Carnival. There's dancing on the shore, jet boats zipping back and forth, and the Disney characters come out on their own customized boats. Not a lot of plot to this one.

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