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The "people hangers" and even the windows in the monorail are Mickey-shaped. Disney music plays over the sound system. These monorails are quite large compared to their American cousins to carry a large number of guests.

We arrived at DisneySea before opening and got in a long line to get into the gate. Inside the park in the entrance plaza is this large rotating globe fountain (the globe rotates, not the fountain) called AquaSphere.

At the center of the park is a volcano, Mount Prometheus, along with a highly detailed renaissance-style building housing Magellan's restaurant, and a sailing ship (at left).

The equivalent to Main Street is Porto Paradiso, based on Portofino, Italy. The buildings house the Hotel Miracosta, and hotel rooms overlook the park and hotel guests have a private entrance to the theme park. Very expensive to stay here (and completely sold out during our visit).

Teri got in line for fastpasses for the park's top attraction, Journey to the Center of the Earth, while Allyn looked around and got a few photos. This is the DisneySea Electric Railway, an elevated train that takes guests from the Port Discovery area to the American Waterfront.

Another unique attraction at DisneySea is Aquatopia. The "boats" are not on a track but rather they are "guided by laser" and take guests on an ever-changing trip among and around rocks, waterfalls, whirlpools and water jets. The boats go backwards and forwards and spin around all seemingly at random. It was really fun! We came back and rode twice.

Teri has succeeded in her quest for fastpasses. The line, which originally seemed to stretch to infinity was only about 30 minutes. Journey to the Center of the Earth, along with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, are in a natural valley by the side of the volcano. The area is called Mysterious Island, and with the victorian, Jules Verne-styling, seems a lot like being in the game Myst but in real life. The red thing above Teri sticking out of the mountain is "drilling equipment" used to reach the center of the earth.

After Teri had waited for so long, we checked the standby line for Journey and found that it was only about 30 minutes. So we went on the ride then and there. It is dark ride in an "earth vehicle" through caverns of crystals. It turns out there is an evil creature inside the center of the earth, so we zoomed back toward the surface to finish the ride with a roller coaster-like drop down the outside of the volcano. (Good thing we went because when we went back later the ride was broken).

The three-arched area on the left is the Vulcania restaurant.

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