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Inside the five-story main donjon. There are a number of exhibits.

This scroll was painted by one of the lords of the castle.

These stairs lead to a platform by the windows that would be used to attack incoming soldiers.

The Himeji Castle complex stretches out before us along with the city of Himeji. It is comprised of over 80 building.

This is the top floor of the main building.

Another shot of the main floor; that's Teri looking out the window.

We forgot what time the train left so we missed the train we wanted by just a few minutes. This is a Kodama Shinkansen, the slow local type of Shinkansen. The Kodama trains stop at every Shinkansen station and take quite a bit longer than the Hikari trains we normally take.

Back in Kyoto, Teri is shopping for a doll umbrella. We took a taxi to this shop in the Gion area of Kyoto.

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