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This is a cookie-making machine we saw at a shop in the mall. The batter is squirted into the rings which make one revolution while cooking, are turned over to make another revolution while cooking the other side and then are dropped into a bag. All done by machine.

On the way back to the hotel, we were hungry and didn't have the energy to deal with another Japanese meal. So we stopped at the local version of McDonald's called Mos Burger.

Here's the Mos Burger menu.

We had the usual fries and rings. Teri had a cheeseburger, Allyn had what looked like a chili burger but turned out to have some weird curry jalapeno sauce on it.

We were still hungry after our Mos Burger experience so we went a few doors down for a McDonald's taste test. Yep, tastes just like in the United States.

We took the subway back to Kyoto Station. This was our only experience on the Kyoto subway, but it was no problem. We are experienced train and subway travelers by this time!

While Teri typed up our experiences in Uchita from the day before, Allyn walked around Kyoto station. It is about 12 stories tall. There are dozens of shops and restaurants, and a huge Isetan department store seven stories tall.

This is a weird art piece with Kyoto Tower (built in the 50's, can you tell?) in the background.

While walking around the station, Allyn got the itch to do some more sightseeing and have a little adventure. Fushimi Inari shrine was just two stops away and the train was about to leave. Allyn decided on a quick trip. After arriving at the Fushimi station, the shrine is only about a block away.

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