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We are on the ferry now. This is the view we spent hours on the train to see! This is the Torii in the water, behind it is the Itsukushima shrine. This is considered one of the three most beautiful views in Japan. The torii in the water indicates that the entire island is sacred.

On the island, the deer roam freely. One tore open a paper bag in Teri's hand to try and eat a cookie inside.

The bamboo is a New Year's decoration; the chicken wire is to keep the deer from eating it.

Allyn tests the water in the Inland Sea. Seems a little cold for a swim today.

This is a giant stone torii as we're walking along the shore from the ferry terminal to "downtown Miyajima" where the Itsukushima shrine is located.

We love this photo, which is why we use it everywhere! The camera was set up on a bench using a little tripod and we used the self-timer.

This is the Itsukushima shrine, built out over the water because the ground was considered sacred.

Teri holds our tickets as we are about to enter the shrine.

Teri is the master of "accidentally" framing the self-portraits so that something is growing out of Allyn's head.

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