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Allyn makes some new friends. This is right before they attacked (just kidding).

The signs warn against staring at the monkeys or feeding them and warns that they may try to steal your stuff. But apparently they aren't interested in cameras.

The view is pretty nice from up here. This is the inland sea (we're looking at the mainland).

The monkeys are sitting on branches. Sometimes they rock back and forth as if they were on a rocking chair.

On our way back to town we walked by the very fancy Iwaso Ryokan, it would be nice to stay here someday.

The torii is beautiful at night.

The lights along the shore are pretty. We are walking back to the ferry terminal to catch the ferry to the mainland, so we can catch the local train back to Hiroshima, so we can catch our Shinkansen back to Kyoto. It will be a long trip back to the hotel in Kyoto.

Day 13: Narita, Home. This is our last day and we've checked out of the Hotel Granvia Kyoto. We're back on the Shinkansen for our trip from Kyoto back to Tokyo Station where we will change for the Narita Express train to the airport. Teri holds a train sandwich and our favorite Suntory brand of iced tea.

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