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Marigot, the capital of the French side, as seen from Fort Louis.

The Flea Market. Up on the hill on the right is Fort Louis, where the previous photos is taken from (Allyn walked up the hill with the tour group).

The Flea Market had mostly clothing, but Allyn bought two tiny watercolor paintings from the shop on the right.

Marigot had little cafes by the water's edge. This is a small harbor in the center of town.

Teri was waiting for Allyn when he arrived back at the ship. She is waving from our balcony on the right hand side near the top. She's wearing a blue shirt but don't feel bad if you can't make her out in this photo.

Here's the view of the dock from our balcony. That's Allyn waving in the lower right.

Now can you see Teri in the blue shirt waving?

Teri wanted to go into Philipsburg so we got a nice view of the ship from the water taxi.

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