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Arrival in downtown Philipsburg.

Front Street, the main tourist shopping street. The locals shop on Back Street. I swear I am not making this up. Jewelry shopping is very big here. The stores primarily consist of jewelry stores, liquor stores, and linen stores (with names like Mr. Tablecloth).

The Guavaberry Emporium. Guavaberries are one of the only things that grow natively on St. Maarten/St. Martin. They use them for a rum-based liqueur (very tasty).

We went up on deck for the sailaway and to watch the sunset.

Day 7: St. Thomas. Part of the U.S. Virgin Island, St. Thomas is a very picturesque island. Most folks do their shopping here since the prices are sometimes much cheaper than in the U.S..

We had planned a snorkeling tour for this day but were too tired so in a stroke of genius we sold the tickets to another couple. Teri slept late while Allyn walked over to a tram very close to the ship.

What a spectacular view of the ship!

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