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Duck & Dog English Pub on the Royal Promenade.

There's an old car in front of the Gravity Sports Bar on the Royal Promenade.

The three-deck-high main dining room. Each deck has a different name: Vivaldi, Strauss, Mozart. The large round table in the foreground is the Captain's table.

Teri went back to the cabin to rest while Allyn took off zooming around the ship to see EVERYTHING. This is part of the miniature golf course on the Sports Deck (Deck 13).

The smoke stack rock climbing wall. That's a large statue in the foreground not a giant basketball player.

Inside the Viking Crown Lounge (Deck 14). This is the windowed area above the pool on all Royal Caribbean ships and one of Teri and Allyn's favorite places.

After dinner, this is the Sailaway Party on the Pool Deck (Deck 11). The atmosphere here is incredible, with warm sea breezes, music playing, folks dancing. This is the place to be.

Overlooking the Pool Deck. There are two pools, two large whirlpools, two small whirlpools, two bars (behind camera), a stage in lower center, and the Viking Crown Lounge over looks the whole thing.

Inside, there's a parade in the Royal Promenade.

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