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Next stop: Hato Cave (Kueba di Hato).

It was VERY HOT inside the caves.

Picture stop at one of the highest points on the island. Our ship looks big even from here.

The incredibly picturesque Curaçao waterfront. On the right is the Queen Emma floating bridge: more on that later.

We stopped at Chobolobo, the original distillery where the Curaçao Liqueur (orange flavor) was invented. Blue Curaçao is used to make drinks like Blue Hawaii. Of course, we bought some.

This is the floating market: sellers travel from nearby Venezuela (20 miles away) in these small boats filled with vegetables, dried fish, etc. and stay until their supply is exhausted. Another boat comes to take his place while the first one goes back to Venezuela to reload.

The selling side of the floating market.

The Queen Juliana suspension bridge.

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