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The waterfront; that's Teri in the purple shirt going into the jewelry store.

This is the Queen Emma floating bridge again. The remarkable thing about this bridge is that it opens: one side is attached to the shore while the other side has propellers that can swing the entire bridge to one side to allow boats to pass. They don't even make the pedestrians get off the bridge while it is open!

Another shot of the very colorful waterfront.

We're half-way over the Queen Emma bridge. LAOH!

There was a number of rock people hanging around by the dock. Teri shows off her latest purchase: a "license plate"-like wall-hanging showing the waterfront.

As our ship prepares to depart you can see the Queen Emma bridge is partially open to allow that small ship to pass. That's an old fort in the foreground being renovated into a mall.

Teri relaxes on our balcony as Curaçao fades in the distance.

Our dinner tablemates, L to R: Mark and Shannon Flaherty, Sheri and Mike Coover, Teri and Allyn, and Newlyweds Lea and Brian Sommer.

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