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This is the Gala Midnight Buffet, which was done up in honor of the 4th of July. This is where the chefs go all out making all sorts of sculptures out of food. Most are quite edible as well. This buffet is so fancy, they have a viewing/photo-op time for 45 minutes where people walk by to look but are not allowed to eat. They have to come back to actually eat it!

Day 5: Day at Sea.

The rock wall was calling to Allyn.

But first, Teri had to enter a Slot Tournament. Get the most credits in 5 minutes of free play to move on to the final round. Teri's machine let her down.

Allyn prepared to conquer the rock wall.

He was up to the challenge.

Next, something that Allyn never thought he would try again: inline skating. Maybe just a couple of laps around the track. No broken ribs this time.

Lea and Brian Sommer, newlyweds from Virginia. Brian is in a band called HELEL.

Sheri and Mike Coover from South Carolina.

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