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Disney Wonder. Disney even makes the name of the ship look fancy and whimsical.

Disney Cruises logo on the side of the funnel (smoke stack).

Allyn and Teri.

Disney Wonder. Disney wanted the "classic" ship look, hence the black hull with red waterline, white superstructure, and dual black and red funnels (smoke stacks). The forward funnel is fake and strictly for looks -- it houses the ESPN Skybox sports bar. We saw a TV show that said the colors of the ship were the same as Mickey Mouse, and Disney got special permission from the Coast Guard to paint their lifeboats the yellow color of Mickey's shoes to complete the color palette.

Day 1: Port Canaveral. Disney built their own "art deco" cruise terminal at Port Canaveral. We dropped off our car at the Avis car rental at the Radisson just a stone's throw away. The Avis people drove us over to the terminal in a van.

This is our cabin, 5626 on Deck 5. It was nice and roomy and had a private balcony, which we love now that we spoiled ourselves on our recent Radiance of the Seas cruise.

The bathrooms on the Disney ships are unique in the cruise industry. They are two separate private half-bathrooms and can be used by two at once, perfect for families (or even couples). One room has a sink and a shower/tub.

The other room has a sink and a toilet.

The sitting area side of our cabin. Disney cabins are very large compared to other cruise lines.

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