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The view from our balcony.

We headed off to the Beach Blanket Buffet restaurant on Deck 9 for lunch, but not until after we purchased soda mugs. Pay one price and refill free for the rest of the cruise. These mugs were substantially more expensive than the refillable mugs we had just had at Wilderness Lodge but still very convenient to have.

We sat outside for a few minutes but the sun just got too hot. We were amazed when a waiter came by and saw that we needed ketchup for our fries and fetched us some. Very nice treatment. We were impressed.

How about a tour of the ship? This is Quiet Cove, the adults-only pool on Deck 9 (all of the pools are on Deck 9). It was always very quiet and uncrowded here. This pool is near the front of the ship.

In the center of the ship is Goofy's family pool. All ages are welcome here and this was a popular place.

Pinocchio's Pizzeria by Goofy's pool. Pluto's Dog House by the kids' pool had burgers, hot dogs (Pluto serves his friends?) and fries all day long. This is Allyn's kind of place!

Toward the back of the ship is Mickey's kids' pool. It is shaped like Mickey Mouse (the innertube-looking things are the ears and the face is painted on the bottom). Mickey's hand holds up the water slide. Very active and noisy here.

Palo is the adults-only specialty restaurant ($5/person additional charge) located on Deck 10 aft.

Inside Palo. This is Teri's kind of place! We were sure to make reservations here the moment we boarded the ship. Allyn almost had a nervous breakdown trying to find the reservations table after we boarded the ship.

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