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Dinner tonight is at Triton's, the fancy restaurant on board. Triton is Little Mermaid Ariel's father, and there is a statue of her outside the restaurant.

Fancy dress for the fancy restaurant.

A beautiful mural of Triton, Ariel, and her friends adorns the rear wall of the restaurant.

Teri's ready for some dancing after dinner.

Day 2: Nassau, Bahamas. We've been to Nassau many times before.

The ship was just pulling into port when we rolled out of bed and had room-service breakfast on the balcony.

Teri had arranged a shore excursion to swim with dolphins.

The excusion was to "Blue Lagoon" island, which we actually visited on our first cruise in 1993 when it was called "Gilligan's" island. It is a short boat ride from the docks. I think the real name of the island is Salt Cay.

Here's a dolphin now.

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