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Dinner tonight is at Animator's Palate. (Get it? Palate sounds like Palette).

The dining room starts off very pale and monochromatic, representing an animator's original monochrome pencil sketch.

Appetizers and desserts are served on dishes that look like an artist's palette. Teri had salmon wrapped into the shape of a rose.

Gradually, the walls and ceilings come alive with color. By the end of the evening the room is bathed in full color, representing the finished artist rendering. Even the waiters exchange black-and-white vests for full color ones. The pillars look like paint brushes.

Allyn had the cheesecake for dessert (of course) which came with different sauces in the "paint cups". Notice the dessert plate even has color around the edge while Teri's appetizer plate did not (and looked more like a pencil sketch).

Another rockin' sailaway party. Ships normally stay late in Nassau so the guests can visit the Nassau casinos so the sailaway party is after dinner tonight.

Day 3: Castaway Cay. (Cay is pronounced like "key"). We awoke to this beautiful island paradise.

Closeup of the main beach area.

Welcome to Castaway Cay.

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