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Map of the island.

Disney has the only private island with the convenience of a dock. At other cruise lines' private islands the boat anchors offshore and small boats take passengers to shore. Having a dock makes it much more convenient to get on and off the ship and Disney even has a tram from the dock to the main guest area.

Lots of water craft can be rented.

All of the buildings on Castaway Cay are windswept and whimsical and typically Disney. This is the Post Office.

This is the First-Aid station. The first aid crosses are made of giant band-aids.

Mount Rustmore, with faces of Disney characters painted on old buoys. Mickey seems to be missing his ears.

Conched Out Bar. (Get it? Conch is pronounced like "conk" so it sounds like "Conked Out Bar" or a place to go when you're tired and run down).

Of course there are shops on the island.

Of course we went snorkeling. In case you can't tell this is Teri.

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