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AUSTRALIA 2004 - Canberra Pictures

Canberra - it was a gray day, and we were not particularly impressed. But here are some photos anyway.

Monday, April 5

Our first stop, the Australia Museum in Canberra. The architecture is really interesting, to say the least!

The columns inside the Australian Parliament building. All of the materials come from Australia.

The giant silver flagpole atop the Parliament bujilding. We didn't stay very long, because the weather was pretty ugly.

The ANZAC memorial, with the museum on both sides.  You can see a photo of the inside of the dome on the Top 10 page.

The ANZAC parade area, which lies between the Parliament Building and the ANZAC memorial. There are monuments to the different wars that Australia participated in along both sides of the road.


Before leaving Canberra, the guide took us up to the top of a lookout point so we could take one last look at the city.

Here we are again!

On Tuesday, we were off to the OUTBACK!