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AUSTRALIA 2004 - Melbourne

We were in Melbourne from April 9 thru the 14th.

Mom and Dad ventured outside of downtown to go antique-hunting, but they didn't have a camera, so there are no pictures of that. Sorry!

One of the first things we saw in Melbourne was Federation Square. This modern complex has an art museum, a wine bar, some shops, and various restaurants.

Flinders Station is the central train station. The wires you see are from the City Circle Trams (and other public transportation) which are free!

Melbourne Central - looking up! This is the conical tower above a massive shopping center that is still very much under construction. Read about the architecture (in English) on this Japanese website

Exterior of the Old Melbourne Gaol (Jail). There were 135 executions here between 1845 and 1929, including the famous Ned Kelly.

Inside the jail - long and narrow, with small cells lining both sides.

A jail cell. The larger ones contained exhibits on the various prisoners, guards, and executioners who lived and worked here.

Gog and Magog, standing guard over the Royal Arcade in Little Collins Street  (click on the link to learn the story)

Bryan and the Melbourne Skyline, with Flinders Street Station on the right (yellow, with the clock tower)

The bouncing water droplets in the lobby area of the Crown Casino complex.

Entrance to the Shrine of Remembrance in Kings Domain

This statue, in the basement of the Shrine of Remembrance, represents fathers and sons who fought in WWI and WWII

The inside of the Shrine, with beautiful friezes around the ceiling. One side of the pyramid roof has a small hole in it, which allows light to shine on the marble floor panel at 11am on November 11th
(see Top 10 picture of this).

Family on the roof of the shrine.

Gallipoli Monument outside the Shrine

Boer War monument, on the grounds of the Kings Domain.

Bryan, outside the Shrine. It looks pretty small from here, huh?

Melbourne Skyline, across the Yarra River


Bryan, having become a huge fan of Aussie Football, took Dad and went to the very new and modern Telstra Dome, to see a match.


Dad with his "buddy", Edward VII

Dad with "Liz" statue


No, it' s not out of focus, there is a wall of water at the entrance to the National Gallery of Victoria.

The following day, we were off to TASMANIA!