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AUSTRALIA 2004 - Sydney Pictures (2)


We spent our last four days Down Under back in Sydney, at the Four Points Hotel. But instead of staying in the city, we spent Monday in the Blue Mountains, and Tuesday in Hunter Valley (Wine Country!)  Sunday we just did some souvenir shopping, back at the QVB


Sunday, we went to the top of the Sydney Tower to see the view from the Observation Deck. Bryan took some great pictures from up here.

The ANZAC Memorial, surrounded by Hyde Park

You can see the Harbour Bridge from almost anywhere in Sydney, but it was weird to be looking down on it!

View of the Sydney Harbour - the green outcropping on the left is "Mrs. MacQuarie's Point"

On Monday, we drove to the Blue Mountains, due west of Sydney.  On the way to the Blue Mountains, we found the Museum of Fire.

The most famous part of the Blue Mountains is the Three Sisters. (see those three bumps in the center?)

Bryan and the Blue Mountains

We made it to the Lady Carrington Lookout!
(it was less than 1km)

Mom and Dad take a rest at the top of the hill after the Prince Albert Walk (I think)

A Panorama of the Blue Mountains, with the back of the "3 Sisters" in the center.

The side of one of the cliffs

I just liked the 'Danger' sign on the bottom with the guy falling off the edge! OOPS!

Waterfall at the top of the Leura Cliffs

Us at the waterfall. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a funky smell right here.

Bryan on the cliffs

Dad on the cliffs

Tuesday, we drove north to Hunter Valley Wine country!

Tempus Two Winery

The Giant Wine Bottle at Hunter Valley Gardens, a small group of shops and restaurants

"And the Winner is... Oscar's" - the location of our wine country lunch. :)  Not the same as Oscar's in Southern California, but very tasty nonetheless


Here we are bidding a fond farewell to Australia, with our TWELVE (12) Bags!