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April 6-9

April 6: Arrive in Ayers Rock, check into hotel, then out to see the Olgas, the Olga Canyon, and Uluru at Sunset.

April 7: Uluru at Sunrise (Bryan climbed it!), Cultural Center, drive to Kings Canyon

April 8: climb Kings Canyon, Drive to Alice Springs (stop for camelburgers!)

April 9: Depart for Melbourne

The intrepid travellers on the bus to see Uluru!

The canyon on one side of the Olgas (see pic on top ten page) that we walked through.

Closer view of the canyon (can you believe how blue the sky is?!?!)

That's Dad, resting on a bench half-way into the canyon.

Bryan took a picture all the way at the end of the canyon, I'll have to get it and post it here.

Our first view of Uluru. It is *not* a "monolith", it is apparently the tip of a great mountain that continues for miles below the ground.

Me & mom at Uluru. This was before we bought the fly nets!

White shirts were very important, given the temperature in the Outback - 94 degrees!

Sunset (or is this sunrise?) at Uluru

Uluru at sunrise, with the moon still shining.

Meet "Jungle mom" - we walked around the base of the rock to see the canyons and plant life.

One of the many caves at the base of Uluru

I like this picture because it shows just how enormous the rock formation really is. (that's mom!)

Jungle mom appears again!

Aboriginal cave paintings

This is the climb route to the top of Uluru.

That's Bryan, in the center of the picture, coming down from his climb!



The top of Uluru- this monument gives distance to different cities in each direction.


Bryan at the top of Uluru, with the Olgas far off in the background.

Kings Canyon at sunset, from the Resort viewing area. The flies were HORRIBLE, so we didn't stay long.

Kings Canyon at Sunrise, as we were about to start the climb to the top.

Kings Canyon

Here we are at the top of the canyon! We made it!

Bryan at the top

More of the canyon top

The "Garden of Eden" water hole area in the center of the canyon


Bryan near the Eden waterhole. Behind me, there were bunches of teenagers splashing around, but this side was much more peaceful.


A palm tree that grows with little water, at the top of Kings Canyon

Here I am after crossing one of the bridges, on the way back from the Garden of Eden area.


The bumps behind Bryan are knows as the Lost City.  On the right, the top of the stairs that we came up after visiting the Garden of Eden.

Looking down into the canyon. The section that is lightest was exposed by a rock fall about 60 years ago.

the other side of the canyon

There's Bryan, on the way down from the top of the canyon. The climb down is not nearly as steep, and is made up of stone steps that are pretty easy to navigate.

Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures of Alice Springs.  Friday morning, we were off to Melbourne!