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AUSTRALIA 2004 - Tasmania Pictures

We flew from Melbourne to Hobart, Tasmania, on the 14th.

View of the Hobart Waterfront area, from our Hotel

View of the mountains surrounding Hobart

Had to take a picture of the MBF Centre! :)

Yes, that's Bryan, behind the wheel of our rental car (on the other side of the road). He drove all the way up to Launceston and back!

In Oatlands, the Catholic Church is located on
Gay Street
. I kid you not.

Here are the boys in front of the Oatlands Gaol Gateway, which was re-erected as a school in 1939.

The bridge in Ross is famous. It was built by convict labor, with 186 unique carvings.

Mom and Dad on the Ross Bridge

Mom and "Rambo" - a huge stuffed ram outside the visitors centre/shop in Ross

The center of Ross is a crossroads, which they call the Four Corners: Temptation [hotel], Damnation [jail], Salvation [church] and Recreation [town hall].

I will scan the postcard and post it here for you to see.

In Launceston, Mom and Dad went antiquing, while Bryan and I wandered the city. We found Boag's Brewery.

A statue of Eddie VII, with the cornerstone laid by Baden-Powell, one of dad's other favorite historical figures. (He didn't see the statue - otherwise he'd be in the picture)

You can't go to Australia and not see some wild animals, so we went to the Bonorong Park, outside of Hobart.

Mom got to talk to some birds

and we all fed the kangaroos and wallabies.

they are soooo cute and soft!


Dad feeding a kangaroo (they're bigger, and have longer feet than wallabies)

Bryan formed a special bond with this particular wallaby.

Look at all of those lazy kangaroos!

Dad was feeding the mommy roo, and the baby roo was feeding at the same time!

Our new friend, the spiny echidna. It's a cross between an anteater and a porcupine. This is about as close as we wanted to get!

"Little Bear" the wombat, in his homestead. Eventually, he will be released into the wild.

The zookeeper, holding Little Bear, who had the hiccups!

This is a Tasmanian devil! Really! Black with some white spots and really red mouths, they're nasty little creatures.

This (on the left) is a kookaburra bird. The peacock on the right was busy preening

Our friend the koala, awake for only 20 minutes a day!

This is Rex. Isn't he beautiful? He's not even in a cage, he just lives on this branch.

This is Port Arthur, which was a timber station and then a prison in the late 1800's.

The prison Chapel.

The Prison Museum, which used to be the asylum. Exhibits on all of the convicts from different countries.

Ruins of the penitentiary

The Guard Tower, constructed in 1935

Inside the hospital building, you can see where the bed frames would have been on the upper floor (on the left)

Help! Bryan wanted to leave us here! (fortunately, all we had to do was walk around the wall...)

Mom and dad on the hill, overlooking the bay. That's me in the background on the left. :)

Me and the kid, on the hill above the penitentiary.

Side view of what's left of the penitentiary

View from the top of the hill.

The sunset was pretty, but it was starting to drizzle on us, and the buildings were already closed.

The Salamanca Place Saturday market, Hobart

Lark Distillery, Hobart. We were a little loopy by the time this photo was taken!

...and with that, we were off, back to Sydney!