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Stonehenge was very cool but I would have enjoyed it more if it hadn't been raining and I wasn't so rushed for time. I was juggling an umbrella and a camera and trying to listen to a hand-held audio program. I eventually gave up on the audio.


Day 7: Museums. We started the day at the Science Museum to see the Lord of the Rings exhibit, which was very cool. We saw many costumes, suits of armour, weapons, etc. Teri will be very annoyed with me the next time we see the movies because almost every scene will be peppered with "I saw that!". Unfortunately, no photos were allowed of the exhibit. Lunch was at wagamama, an asian-inspired noodle house chain. Melyssa and Bryan had been talking about it for days.

This is the spartan interior of the basement wagamama.

Our food looks good.

Next stop, the British Museum.

This is the recently remodeled Great Court in the British Museum. This is a panorama of seven shots merged together.

I had really come to the British Museum to see the Egyptian antiquities.

This is one of their most impressive pieces, the giant head of Ramesses II.

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