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This is the White Tower in the center of the Tower of London complex. It was constructed starting in the eleventh century!

Another shot of the Tower complex. The White Tower is in the Center. The building on the right side houses the Crown Jewels, which were quite impressive.

We've left the Tower complex, and Bryan takes a photo of Melyssa and me. He didn't know I was taking a photo of him.

We took the Tower Bridge tour. One of the highlights is walking across the upper walk ways. Bryan takes a photo out of the tiny window. We also saw the original engine room where the bridge was originally controlled.

The city at dusk. The strangely shaped building in the foreground is the new City Hall. The ship is the HMS Belfast.

The Tower of London is visible in the lower right corner, under the Gherkin.

This is a telephoto shot of St. Paul's Cathedral on the left and "The Monument" on the right. The Monument commemorates the Great Fire in 1666 that destroyed most of the city.

Tower Bridge at night.

Dinner tonight was at a Persian restaurant.

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