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And this is the front of Westminster Abbey.

I pose in front of Buckingham Palace, where the Queen lives most of the time. We didn't see the changing of the guard, but the Queen waved to us from a window. Just kidding.

We continued walking to Victoria Station before catching the Tube back to Earl's Court and going back to the apartment.

Day 3: Windsor Castle. We set off toward the Tube. Susan is coming with us today.

We take the Tube to Paddington Station, where we catch a train to Windsor Castle.

Windsor Castle is quite large and impressive and the sunlight today is a beautiful golden color.

We saw the Changing of the Guard. Here are the replacement guards arriving at the Castle. They wear the grey uniforms in winter. They walk up the road and into the Castle.

We are walking into the Castle courtyard now where the Changing of the Guard continues.

There is a lot of ritual involved. These are the Guards about to be relieved.

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