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This is the head and upper torso of Amenhotep III.

This is piece of the beard of the Sphinx! I didn't even know the Sphinx had a beard at one time.

The famous Rosetta Stone that finally allowed Egyptian hieroglyphics to be translated and understood.

Bryan and Melyssa and I split up and since I was tired I went back to the apartment. This is our street, Collingham Gardens, the apartment is down the street on the left hand side. As I was walking alone, I had more time to spend looking around. I spotted the round blue marker near the left edge of the photo on the corner of the building at the end of our block.

What a coincidence that I should spot this plaque now having just come back from viewing the Egyptian antiquities at the British Museum.

Dinner tonight was at the Albert restaurant, a "carvery". This is almost like a buffet restaurant with prime rib, turkey, etc. This was essentially our Thanksgiving meal.

The Albert looked very English inside. Here we are settling in to eat our appetizers.

This was the last night so we took a couple of family photos. This is Dad being silly.

This is a nice photo of the family.

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