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After lunch, Bryan and Melyssa and I walked toward the museums. We wanted to check out a Lord of the Rings exhibit at the Science Museum. It was a pretty long walk. On the way, we saw the outside of Kensington Palace, where Diana used to live.

I got stuck in a phone booth (not really).

We walked by the Royal Albert Hall.

And finally arrived at the Science Museum. Unfortunately we didn't have time to see the Lord of the Rings exhibit today so we got tickets for Monday. The Science Museum really had a lot of amazing artifacts, like airplanes, cars, a fresnel lens for a lighthouse, the first steam locomotive ever built ("Puffing Billy"), etc.

On our way home we discovered a large-scale outdoor photography exhibit called "Earth from the Air" at the Natural History Museum. The exhibit had really interesting photos taken from an unusual perspective, often of patterns on the ground.

The photos were very interesting and colorful.

One of the most amazing things was braille versions of the photos for sight-impaired folks. They were bumpy versions of the photos, with different textures and feature height to make the photo "visible".

We were just arriving at Harrod's when their lights came on. Harrod's was extremely crowded but we saw the food court area, which was very impressive, the souvenir shop, and the memorial to Diana and Dodi. Different parts of the store are themed, for example, some rooms have an Egyptian theme.

Back at the apartment, we relax before getting ready to go to the theater. Tonight we are going to see Tom Stoppard's play Jumpers at a theater in Piccadilly Circus.

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