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The play was really quite bizarre, a kind of philosophical murder mystery, with some on-stage nudity. Something for everyone. After the play we walked around, this is the famous statue of Eros.

Piccadilly Circus street scene.

The family huddles together for warmth.

Me in front of the famous electric billboards.

Horse statues at the base of one of the buildings as we walk to Leicester Square before taking the Tube back home.

Day 6: Stonehenge... eventually. This is Waterloo station, where I am about to catch a train to the South of England. The train goes to Basingstoke, where I have to change trains to Salisbury, before getting a bus to Stonehenge. This was a big adventure for me since I went alone. Nobody else was crazy enough to go. I can't blame them.

I'm on the train.

We arrived at Basingstoke about 30 minutes behind schedule. I am shocked to find that the Salisbury trains are running on an emergency schedule because of structural damage to a bridge so the next train won't be for well over an hour. Without anything to do for an hour I decide a better name for Basingstoke would be Boringstoke. At least the train comes early so I can sit on the train.

A full five hours after leaving the apartment I arrive at Stonehenge, where it is pouring rain. Luckily I had an umbrella. I had to take a bus from the Salisbury train station and I had 40 minutes at Stonehenge before the last bus was scheduled to go back to Salisbury and I didn't want to miss it.

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