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This is the Terraza Playa resturant at the Hotel Playa Mazatlan, where we had lunch.

It was beautiful and right by the water. Teri starts to study the parasailers.

Allyn had carne asada steak and Teri had Shrimp.

After lunch we walked along the beach and Teri feels ready to try parasailing for the first time. Allyn's feet were firmly planted on the shore.

There she goes!

The view was beautiful. About this time Teri starts getting nervous.

Taking pictures, and hanging on, and trying not to fall out, all at the same time, was no mean feat.

Teri comes in for a landing!

Much to Teri's surprise, when she returned alive and in one piece, Allyn was already suited up in a harness, ready to go parasailing. Teri shot several movies of Allyn so proof exists (but no still photos). (The movie was too big to put on the web site).

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