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Although our (8th) anniversary was a few days after the end of the cruise we celebrated anyway. They put balloons on our table and later came by and sang "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" to us and brought us a cake (which we were too full to eat).

It was formal night again, which meant special menu. Allyn tries Escargot. The down side is they taste like chewy rubber balls but the upside is they come drowned in butter, garlic, and cheese!

It was also Baked Alaska night. Baked Alaska is a weird dessert that consists of ice cream covered in meringue, baked, and arrives flaming at table-side. The ice cream stays cold. Although considered a classic cruise ship dessert, this is the first cruise (of 10) we've had it on.

Allyn had asked for a special dessert to be made for us: Passion Fruit Creme Brulee. It was delicious!

Day 7: At Sea. Our last full day on the ship. Our last breakfast on the balcony. How sad! Note the mohair blankets, necessary in the 60-degree weather. But nothing sheds more than mohair...except our cat Boo Boo.

We wanted to go in the pool and we were surprised to see the water in the pool sloshing back and forth dramatically. We rode the waves in our own private wave pool for quite some time. It was fun, the water was warm. Our antics convinced another couple to hop in too.

Waiting for the elevator.

Teri tried her luck at Craps in the Casino. There's a reason for the phrase "try your luck". Apparently Teri's luck missed the ship in Los Angeles.

Today was the Mozart Tea, where the waiters all dress in period costumes. We like Tea, it seems very civilized. Much more convenient time than Midnight Buffet, although the early dinner seating folks were bemoaning the mere 2 hour stretch between Tea and Dinner.

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