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Allyn slips into his "cruise persona" where he actually wears shorts and sandals and doesn't wear jeans! (He brought a pair of "security jeans" just in case, but didn't need to break them out).

There was a Latin themed lunch buffet by the Neptune pool today. Crystal was light-years ahead of Royal Caribbean. The lunch buffet was AMAZING. So amazing, we typed in the menu to share with you. Click here for the buffet menu (opens in new window, close to return).

Teri doesn't know when Allyn got this picture because the buffet was always mobbed. The ship was full at 950 passengers, unusual according to the Food & Beverage captain. During buffets, it showed.

One of the desserts was freshly made churros and there was a chef making them right there on the deck!

Teri is eating Tuna Ceviche presented on a coconut!

What a spread. Can you tell we like iced tea?

After lunch, Teri attended a talk on Condors by a bird naturalist associated with the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Crystal brings different guest lecturers aboard each cruise. We also had an entertainment reporter named Bill Harris on board giving "Hollywood insider" talks.

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