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This is Le Bistro where they have snacks in the afternoons.

Caesars Palace at Sea casino, actually run by Caesars Palace. Dealers that work in affiliated properties in Las Vegas can transfer to the ship for a few months and then just transfer back to their land job. We met a number of dealers from Paris Las Vegas. They were all friendlier than when in Vegas.

This is the Avenue Saloon, a cozy little bar that was Allyn's second favorite lounge on the ship.

Moving up to deck 11, this is the main Seahorse pool. We don't know why they call it that because it is not shaped like a seahorse. The pool deck was always incredibly QUIET. Even the slot machines in the casino were quiet.

This is the indoor Neptune pool. The roof can be slid back and opened fully, but they never opened it more than a couple of feet. The ship's interior temperature was carefully maintained to be a bit on the warm side.

The Trident Grill, open every afternoon, where they had good burgers and excellent fries. We snacked here a lot. :-)

They had a really impressive computer setup, along with computer classes on things like photo editing, Excel, etc. What was not impressive were the astronomical Internet charges.

This is Palm Court, a large relaxing room where afternoon tea (Teri's favorite) was served daily.

The Vista Lounge is Allyn's favorite place on the ship. At the front of the ship, the windows look out over the bow. It was never very crowded here and always very quiet.

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