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These arches are also a symbol of Puerto Vallarta.

We walked around the city over to an island with restaurants and boutiques. It was hot but we brought some water with us.

There is a nice "boardwalk"-like walkway along the shore dotted with statues.

We stopped for a drink at this Zoo bar. There were large plastic animals everywhere, almost like eating in a Rainforest Cafe.

Back on the ship, we left port at 8pm at Sunset. We got a couple of Mai Tais and are out in front of the Vista Lounge on deck 11 again.

Allyn's favorite hors d'oeuvres of all time: mini-cheeseburgers! (It was 50's night on the ship).

Teri thinking about her job (not!!).

Teri and others watch the Captain in the bridge wing just below us.

About once or twice per cruise we have a really transcendental experience where we just say to ourselves, "Man, there just isn't anything like cruising!" and this was one of those times.

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