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In the late afternoon, everyone was invited for a tour of the galley (kitchen). We've never seen a cruise ship kitchen before so we went and checked it out. Huge, with stainless steel everywhere. We learned that they make everything from scratch on board except ice cream. Teri bought a cookbook and had it signed by the executive chef.

Tonight was the first formal night and we got dressed up in our fanciest duds.

The menu is always special on formal nights, and Allyn started off with Caviar. It came in an iced bowl.

Teri's dessert.

We walked around the ship after dinner. It was very quiet.

At the back of the ship you can go down to deck 6 which is fairly close to the water. This is looking back toward the upper decks.

Day 3: Cabo San Lucas in the afternoon. This morning we would spend at sea with arrival in port after lunch. We started our day, as usual, with breakfast on the balcony.

It was pretty cool to watch our arrival in port. Normally ships arrive in ports at 6am and we are never awake to see it.

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